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2022/07/06 氷川きよし 7/12(火)19:57~20:42生放送!NHK総合「うたコン」出演!!
2022/07/05 "Toshimi Tagawa Request Lunch Show" sponsored by Toshimi Tagawa fan club will be held on 8/9 (Tue.)!
2022/07/05 Hisashi Tagawa radio information updated!
2022/07/05 Kaori Mizumori TV information update!
2022/07/05 Kiyoshi Hikawa The second new song in 2022 is a crotch journey enka that returns to the origin! New visual release of "Koshuji" released on 2/7! !!
2022/07/05 Kiyoshi Hikawa TV magazine information updated!
2022/07/05 Nishimura Higashi Radio Update Information!
2022/07/05 Misaki Iwasa Radio information update!
2022/07/04 Kaori Mizumori Appeared in "The 7rd Kun Nep Furusato Matsuri" and "Song and Laughter Stage" held on 10/43 (Sun)!
2022/07/04 Kiyoshi Hikawa Live broadcast for about 7 hours from 16:14 on Saturday, July 00! TBS-based summer large-scale music special program "Music Day 8" will appear! !!
2022/07/04 Misaki Iwasa Online Greeting will be held on Saturday, July 7!
2022/07/04 Hikaru Otaki's solo debut single "That Day's Flower Fubuki" release commemorative mini-live will be held on July 7th (Thursday) at Your Elm Narita (Chiba Prefecture)!
2022/07/04 Yuka Kai "Yuka Kai Half Birthday Event" second-come-first-served basis!
2022/07/04 Misumi Shiochi "Kai Yuka Half Birthday Event" Second-come-first-served basis!
2022/07/01 Tamao Nakamura JANBARI.TV "Holiday of the Nakamura Family" will be delivered on YouTube on July 7st (Friday)!
2022/07/01 Toshimi Tagawa "Shiraaki" Asakusa Eurodo store event + live delivery 7/10 (Sun) will be held!
2022/07/01 Kaori Mizumori's new album "Kayo Journey 21-Kujukuri Beach-" will be released on 9/21 (Wed.)! !!
2022/07/01 Misaki Iwasa SANYO New model pachinko "Original carpenter's source 2" Big hit original song "White Kamome" is sung! Scheduled to be introduced at any time in pachinko parlors nationwide from September!
2022/07/01 Misaki Iwasa "Misaki Iwasa ~ Autumn Live 2022 ~" will be held on 9/19 (Mon./holiday)!
2022/07/01 Hayabusa special program "Showa Kayo Survival ☆ Clash! Enka Boys." Invited 100 groups of 200 people to the public recording!

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