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2019/04/10 "The 20th · Nagara group Yozakura Enka Festival-hot spring Spring Festival Special-Tokyo 23 ward · 23 years ... ... Information on the day of the performance and ticket sales!
2019/04/03 Present Sanwa Metal Co., Ltd. "Nagara Group · Enka Festival 2019in Okinawa" 2019 Year 4 Month 20 day (Saturday) held!
Tickets are on sale in general !!
2019/03/28 Yu Yu and "Otoko no Junjo" release commemoration! Yu Yu and with Nishiyori Talk Event holding & live delivery!
2019/03/22 "Yu Yu and XNUM X Month XNUM X Day (Saturday)" Yu Yu and First Concert "held!
We will release the day ticket for the release of equipment seats.
Guidance of CD sales office & Notice of handshake meeting, guidance of goods retail office
2019/03/20 "Nishimura Higashi Talk Live Tour 2019" is held !!
XNUM X Mon X NUM X (Thursday / Holiday) Asakusa / Ki Ma Koi, tickets sold out. Thank you very much!!
2019/03/11 The twentieth · Nagara Group Yuzakura Enka Festival ~ Celebration Spring Celebration Special - Tokyo Metropolitan Area 23 Ward · 23 years ... .... 4 Moon 11 day (Thur) is held!
2019/03/01 Aika (Erika) TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2019 SPRING / SUMMER 2019 Year 3 Moon 30 Day (Sat) as the main model appeared!
2019/03/01 Yamaki Toru TVcasting appeared information!
2019/02/28 Held at Hikawa Kiyoshi in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kanagawa "Dai: Okay / the best boatman" release event decision !!
2019/02/27 Aika (Erika) Radio Appearance Update Information!
2019/02/01 Yamaki Toru "Musical" Nintama Rantaro "No. X NUMX Ninjutsu Gakuen festival" Blu-ray cheering screening decision to be held! Cast support participation cheering screening & stage greetings as well
2019/01/22 "Excellence Award / Encouragement Prize" of "X NUMX times Nippon Enka Kayo Grand Prix" and luxurious performers are decided! Yutaka Yamakawa, Kaori Mizumori, Kiyoshi Hikawa, Yumi Tatsumi will appear!
2019/01/15 Kenta Hara TV OA updates information!
2019/01/14 1 Month 14 Day (Festival / Month) "Culture Broadcasting × Nagara Group Joint RADIO! ~ Heisei's Classic Telephone Request to Connect to the Future"
2019/01/11 Hayabusa 2019 Year 2 Month "Umesawa Fumio · Kaori Kaori Special Performance" in Otsuza Appearance Decision !!
2018/12/28 Tatsumi Yu and "Song Concert in Hotel Shiobara" 2019 Year 2 Month 28 day (Thursday) decision to hold!
2018/12/26 Sasaki Issa TV OA information update!
2018/12/12 Biriken Live Information Update!
2018/12/12 Yoshikawa Hideto TV on air information updated!
2018/12/12 "" Hikawa Kiyoshi Premium Duet Competition "~ powerd by LIVE DAM STADIUM ~" 2019 Year 1 Month 4 day (Fri) is held decision!

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