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For those who love entertainment

In response to the recent request to cancel or postpone the event, there have been various criticisms and support for the decision to suspend entertainment such as concerts, and for the decision to do so, we have decided to cancel or postpone the majority of performances. I did.

I decided with a strong feeling that it is important for you to put your health first.

On the other hand, the cost is more than the economic loss, such as the hardships that have been prepared for the event, the sense of fulfillment and achievement achieved by the event, and above all, the irreplaceable joy of sharing with the audience. There are big things.

For this reason, we will take the initiative to have the correct knowledge and interest in this new coronavirus once again, and to work to prevent further infection from spreading.

I would like to take the initiative in spreading detailed knowledge and information so that entertainment can give a lot of power to many people again.

We will also take measures to prevent infection that can be implemented for the event, so even a little will increase the knowledge of infection prevention, have a strong awareness of the convergence of the situation, and hit the new coronavirus as soon as possible. We hope that we will be able to draw a fun entertainment space together.

With everyone who loves entertainment.

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