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Corresponding to the Nagara 33yori.com smartphone !!

Mobile website

The Nagara 33yori.com?

Nagara The 33yori.com, Nagara groups to schedule and the artists who belong standby image, Chakugoe, ringtones, download content such as videos, diary, column, etc. of the artist, is the official mobile site of the information-packed.

Major posted artists

  • Toshimi Tagawa
  • Kaori Mizumori
  • ・ Misaki Iwasa
  • Hayabusa
  • · With Yatsu Tatsumi

※ other, published artist number

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The main content

  • Profile ... artists of detailed profile can watch!
  • - Quickly check the schedule ... concerts and TV appearances such as information of!
  • - Ahead of the news about the topics ... artists!
  • Lots such as Special planning ... members only gift planning!
  • Diary / can check the daily column ... artists!
  • - Standby image ... favorite photos of the artists, the collection to mobile!
  • · Chakugoe the voice of ... favorite artists, the ringtone or alarm sound!
  • Of and video ... artists the latest comment, enjoy the video!
  • - Ringtones ... that famous piece of music is, to cell phones and e-mail ringtone!
  • - E-mail magazine ... get the information of the artists in the free e-mail newsletter!

※ different corresponding content by the terminal.

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Easy access method

● Access from the 1 menu (in the case of a feature phone)
  • DoCoMo: i Menu⇒ menu / search ⇒ Music / Movies / artists ⇒ artists comprehensive ⇒ Nagara 33yori.com
  • au: EZ menu ⇒ top menu ⇒ category search ⇒ music, movies, entertainment ⇒ entertainment production ⇒ Nagara 33yori.com
  • Softbank: menu list ⇒ entertainment, movies, music ⇒ production comprehensive ⇒ Nagara 33yori.com

● Access from the 2 QR code

33yori.com qr code of

  • 1. Selecting the "bar code reader" mobile phone from the camera and menu.
  • 2. Right of the QR code, adjust the camera to be displayed on the full screen.
  • 3. If that is not recognized automatically, press the shutter of the "read" button or the camera.
  • 4. Once the "read data" is displayed, click on the link you have a mobile phone!

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Q & A

How long does it take to charge?
Charge of the site is the only monthly 300 yen (excluding tax). In addition, separately when downloading standby pictures and videos, ringtones, etc., it will take communication costs of mobile phone company (packet fee) is.
For those that are frequently available, it is recommended packet flat-rate system. Please contact your mobile phone shop you use for more information.
After admission registration, to see how I from the next?
To become a look at the site, it is convenient to register to "bookmark" or "favorite" at the time of registration. How to register, leave open the screen of the page you want to register, please register operation by pressing the menu button.

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