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2021/10/22 Toshimi Tagawa Birthday event will be held on November 11th (Wednesday)!
2021/10/22 Kiyoshi Hikawa TV update information!
2021/10/22 Higashi Nishiyoro TV information update!
2021/10/22 Misaki Iwasa Radio information update!
2021/10/22 Aika The final episode of the short drama "Kyuntoru Home Appliances" delivered on YouTube has been released!
2021/10/22 Aika exclusive model "ViVi" December 2021 issue released today 12/10 (Friday)!
2021/10/21 Kiyoshi Hikawa "Kiyoshi Hikawa'You are you'Release Tour 2021" will be broadcast on WOWOW Plus in November!
2021/10/21 Higashi Nishiyori 3 months planning 2nd in a row !! "Higashi Nishiyori Online Talk Live Vol.7" will be held on Saturday, November 11th!
2021/10/21 Misaki Iwasa "ZOOM AFTER HALLOWEEN" will be held on Saturday, November 11th!
2021/10/20 Toshimi Tagawa TV information update!
2021/10/20 Toshimi Tagawa 12/16 (Thursday) public recording "New BS Japanese song" Gunma We are looking for viewing until 11/5 (Friday)!
2021/10/20 Kaori Mizumori's new album "Kayo Journey 20 ~ Narukokyo ~" is now on sale!
2021/10/20 Kiyoshi Hikawa interview program "CREATIVE TRAIN" guest appearance YouTube version, sequel released!
2021/10/20 Hayabusa TV information update!
2021/10/20 Tatsumi Yuto Magazine information updated!
2021/10/19 Tamao Nakamura Magazine information updated!
2021/10/19 Kiyoshi Hikawa's single DVD "Happy! / Through the Forest" is now on sale!
2021/10/19 Hayabusa "Net Cheki Autograph Session vol.9" will be held on October 10th (Friday)!
2021/10/18 Kiyoshi Hikawa 10/25 (Monday) 21: 00-22: 00 Broadcast TBS series "CDTV Live! Live!" Appearance!
2021/10/18 Misaki Iwasa "Teiji Yamazaki & Misaki Iwasa Christmas Dinner Show 2021" will be held on 12/20 (Monday)!

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