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2020/04/08 Special program released by the performers of the Night Sakura Enka Festival on the Nagara Group official YouTube channel `` NAGARA TV ''!
2020/04/08 Misaki Iwasa TV information update!
2020/04/08 Kaori Mizumori TV information update!
2020/04/08 Tamao Nakamura TV information update!
2020/04/08 Kiyoshi Hikawa TV update information!
2020/04/07 Misaki Iwasa 4/17 (Fri.) “Net check signing event” will be held!
2020/04/07 Notice of suspension of some fan club services due to the spread of new coronavirus infection
2020/04/06 Kikawa Hiyoshi Culture Broadcasting System Regular Radio “Hikawa Kiyoshibushi” Broadcast Time Change Notice
2020/04/06 Higashi Nishiyoro TV and radio information updated!
2020/04/06 Toru Yamaki radio information updated!
2020/04/06 Kaori Mizumori Official YouTube Channel “Kaori Mizumori Channel” is now open!
2020/04/03 Kiyoshi Hikawa Fan Club "Kiy Shining Members Limited Limited Handshake & 2 Shot Photo" 4/17 (Fri) Tokyo Postponed and Transferring
2020/04/03 Yutaka Yamakawa TV information update!
2020/04/03 Misa Iwasa's 9th single "Blues on Right and Left Hands" Launch Commemorative Internet Autograph Session April 4 (Mon) 20: 19- !!
2020/04/01 Kiyoshi Hikawa's 20th anniversary of his debut !! The first pop album "Papillon-Bohemian Rhapsody-" will be released on 6/9 (Tue.) !!
2020/04/01 Kiyoshi Hikawa 4/29 (Wed / Holiday) Kiyoshi Hikawa Dinner Show 2020 Notice of Self-restraint
2020/04/01 Hiyoshi Kiyoshi 4/22 (Wed) Notice of postponement of Mito performance and transfer performance
2020/04/01 Hiyoshi Kiyoshi 4/15 (Wed) Kawaguchi performance postponed and transfer performance announcement
2020/04/01 Hiyoshi Kiyoshi 4/13 (Mon) Nagara River International Conference Center performance postponed and transfer performance announcement
2020/04/01 Misaki Iwasa 4/22 release 9th single "blues on the right and left" Tower Records Akihabara store limited purchase bonus

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