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2020/11/26 氷川きよし ドラゴンボール レジェンズ『レジェンズフェスティバル直前 限界突破×生放送』本日11/26(木)21:00スタート!
2020/11/25 Kaori Mizumori TV information update!
2020/11/25 氷川きよし 布袋寅泰が世界7カ国からのアーティストを迎えた14年ぶりのコラボレーション・アルバム『Soul to Soul』に日本勢として参加!「I Don't Wanna Lie feat. 氷川きよし」MV公開!好評発売中!
2020/11/24 Yuto Tatsumi's new song "Sentimental Heart / Otoko no Shigure" (new edition) Information on sales expansion privilege measures (Hyogo Prefecture)
2020/11/20 Kiyoshi Hikawa will appear in the "62nd Shining! Japan Record Awards"! "Mother" won the Excellent Work Award!
2020/11/20 Hayabusa "Hayabusa live phone with just two people ♪" will be held on 2/12 (Sun)!
2020/11/20 Aika 11/23 (Mon./holiday) 21: 00-21: 54 Broadcast Guest appearance on NTV "One minute deep story that changes your life"!Please take a look!
2020/11/19 Kiyoshi Hikawa 11/19 (Thursday) -November 11 (Sunday) New Kabukiza New Opening 29th Anniversary "Shin Kabukiza 10 Hikawa Kiyoshi Special Performance" opens!
2020/11/17 Notice about Yutaka Yamakawa
2020/11/17 Aika's shocking hair color change ♡ "Too cute!"In the warm color "Pyramingo color" which is the hottest now!
2020/11/17 Aika x gelato pique "Animal Crossing: New Year's Forest" collection room wear to be released!
2020/11/16 Misaki Iwasa Online Talk Event "Wasamin" Online "Greeting vol.3" will be held on Saturday, November 11th!
2020/11/12 Aika ViVi official YouTube channel "ViVi channel" reveals the contents of the bag!
2020/11/11 Kiyoshi Hikawa 20th Anniversary "Kiyoshi Hikawa Special PV Collection 2" is now on sale!
2020/11/11 Kiyoshi Hikawa 20th Anniversary of Debut Kiyoshi Hikawa Costume Exhibition 12/13 (Sun) -12/17 (Thu)!Poster ban lifted! !!
2020/11/10 Aika x merry jenny RUNWAY channel merry jenny winter feat.erica vol.6 is developing "2020 WINTER COLLECTION"!
2020/11/09 Aika x garden by Valmuer "Autumn coordination that Aika dresses" 2020 AUTUMN COLLECTION is under development!
2020/11/08 Toru Yamaki [Otona Project XNUMXnd] Theater Unit [Bombing Adult Elementary School Students] The XNUMXth All-School Assembly "Primary Education Royal" Appearance Decided !!
2020/11/06 Kiyoshi Hikawa DVD "Kiyoshi Hikawa Special PV Collection 2" Release Commemorative Store Benefits!
2020/11/03 Aika x merry jenny RUNWAY channel merry jenny winter feat.erica vol.5 is developing "2020 WINTER COLLECTION"!

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