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News and Announcements

2022/05/25 Toshimi Tagawa TV information update!
2022/05/25 Misaki Iwasa 10th single "Akira" special edition A / B is now on sale!
2022/05/25 Aika TV information update!
2022/05/24 Kaori Mizumori magazine information updated!
2022/05/24 Kiyoshi Hikawa magazine information update!
2022/05/24 Takuma Zaiki movie "The end is beginning" 5/29 (Sun) Stage greeting appearance decision!
2022/05/23 Kaori Mizumori Released on 6/22 (Wed.) "Kujukuri Beach" type C / D jacket photo released!
2022/05/22 Kiyoshi Hikawa June 6rd (Friday) -July 3th (Monday) Meijiza "Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Performance" Cancellation seat sales information
2022/05/20 Tamao Nakamura TV information update!
2022/05/20 Misaki Iwasa "Misaki Iwasa & Sakiko Matsui in BLUES ALLEY" will be held on 7/3 (Sun)!
2022/05/19 Misaki Iwasa "Akira (Special Edition A / B)" Release Commemorative CD Shop Fifth Avenue Panel Exhibition & Panel Lottery Present Policy Held! !!
2022/05/19 Misaki Iwasa TV information update!
2022/05/19 Hayabusa TV information update!
2022/05/19 Tatsumi Yu and TV information update!
2022/05/19 Misumi Shiochi "Weekly Young Jump" No.25 Oversized Issue Appears in YJ Girls Project!
2022/05/18 Hayabusa 6/11 (Sat) shooting event will be held! !!
2022/05/17 Kiyoshi Hikawa June Meijiza "Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Performance" Chairman Kiyoshi Hikawa Comments from the start of training!
2022/05/17 Nishimura Higashi Radio Update Information!
2022/05/17 Misaki Iwasa will appear on the live distribution app "cookpad Live" operated by "Cookpad"! !!
2022/05/17 Gucci Yuzo TV information update!

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