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2023/12/04 Misumi Kagero appears on the stage “MIANEYO”!
2023/12/04 財木琢磨 中尾拳也さん主催イベントゲスト出演のご案内!
2023/12/04 杉井美咲 出演ショートムービー「1年1組の秋」 12月22日(金)配信決定!予告編動画配信中!
2023/12/03 Aika Murakami “Super Hero Festival KAMEN RIDER × SUPER SENTAI LIVE & SHOW 2024” will be held on Wednesday, February 2024, 2!
2023/12/03 Aika Murakami “Osama Sentai King Auger Blu-ray COLLECTION 3” will be released! !
2023/12/02 Aika Murakami 12th episode of "Ousama Sentai King Oger" on TV Asahi series and nationwide network on 3/39 (Sun.)!
2023/12/02 Miyabi Nakano radio appearance information
2023/12/01 Notice of opening of Hitomi Arisa official fan club “M-amour”
2023/12/01 Kaori Mizumori “Reiwa Japan! Enka Dream Festival 2024” Fukuoka/Kobe/Tokyo
2023/12/01 Yuto Tatsumi “Reiwa Japan! Enka Dream Festival 2024” Sendai/Niigata/Tokyo
2023/12/01 Hayabusa Concert 1/10 (Wednesday) Yamato City Cultural Creation Center Sirius [Sub Hall]/Kanagawa
2023/11/30 Higashi Nishiyori “Variety of singing and chatting ~ 50th anniversary commemoration! The host will finally sing! ~”
Held at PACMAN in Nihonbashi, Tokyo on Sunday, December 12rd, and CAFE'VOXX in Higobashi, Osaka on Thursday, December 3st!
2023/11/30 Aika Murakami “Osama Sentai King Auger Character Book” 2nd edition released today!
2023/11/30 Manaka Murakami will appear in the “Osama Sentai King Auger” hero show!
2023/11/29 Kei Misumi emotional gravure magazine “Light Blue Emotion vol.2” released!
2023/11/29 Nozoi Hirota emotional gravure magazine “Light Blue Emotion vol.2” released!
2023/11/29 Takuma Zaiki TV semi-regular appearance information updated!
2023/11/29 Yuto Tatsumi “NHK special drama “Birth of an Idol Shine Showa Kayo”” will be broadcast soon!
2023/11/29 Taiga Otsuka is currently appearing in the Fuji TV drama “Ichiban Sukina Hana”!!
2023/11/28 Yuto Tatsumi's concert at Asakusa Public Hall in Tokyo on October 10th (Monday) will be exclusively broadcast for the first time on TV at 30pm on December 329th (Sunday) on Kayo Pops Channel (CS Broadcasting Channel 12)!

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