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2020/07/13 Yu Tatsumi and WEB information update!
2020/07/12 Kiyoshi Hikawa TV update information!
2020/07/10 Aika 31 Sons de mode “2020 Autumn/Winter CATALOG Part 1” catalog page is now open!
2020/07/10 Misaki Iwasa Online Talk Event “Wasmin “Online” Greeting vol.1” will be held on 7/27 (Mon.)!
2020/07/10 Yu Satsumi and "Sentimental Heart/Otoko no Shigure" launch autograph session will be held on 8/3 (Mon.)!
2020/07/10 Yu Tatsumi and "Sentimental Heart/Otoko no Shigure" release commemorative internet signing event will be held on July 7 (Fri)!
2020/07/10 The first single after WAWAWA (ex. Folk Song Girls) has been renamed will be released on September 9th (Wednesday)!!
2020/07/10 Hayabusa TV information update!
2020/07/10 Kaori Mizumori TV information update!
2020/07/10 Toshimi Tagawa TV information update!
2020/07/10 Yutaka Yamakawa TV and Radio Update!
2020/07/08 Kaori Mizumori Notice of "Kaori Mizumori 25th Anniversary Memorial Concert Tour" Performance Cancellation
2020/07/08 WAWAWA “Hyakka Ryoran Kokoro Moyo” (TV size Ver) is now on sale!!
2020/07/07 Hayabusa (Hikaru Yamato) We talked on the phone, "Hello, this is Hayabusa! ] Live phone will be held on 8/19 (Wed) and 8/22 (Sat)!
2020/07/06 Nishiyori Higashi will be performing at "Genki Charging Takuma Talk & Illusion" held on Saturday, August 8th!
2020/07/06 Aika 9/5 (Sat) "My Navi presents 31st Tokyo Girls Collection 2020 AUTUMN/WINTER" will appear!
2020/07/03 Kiyoshi Hikawa's new single "Mother" DF type 7/14 (Tuesday) will be on sale!
2020/07/03 Kiyoshi Hikawa Nikkan Sports started serializing the album "Papillon-Bohemian Rhapsody-"! There are plenty of explanations by Hikawa himself and gifts of cheki photos with autographs!
2020/07/03 Kiyoshi Hikawa "Kiyoshi Hikawa Concert Tour 2020-Like each flower" Announcement of postponement of Kawaguchi performance on 6/4 (Thurs.)
2020/07/03 Takuma Zaiki TV information update!

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