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2022/01/18 Kiyoshi Hikawa Released on February 2st New single "Gunjo no String (Ito)" A / B / C type jacket photo released!
2022/01/18 Kiyoshi Hikawa magazine information update!
2022/01/17 Kaori Mizumori TV information update!
2022/01/17 Hayabusa "Thank you! Peace feat. Yuto Tatsumi" (A type / B type) Oto no Yorodou live mini-live 1/22 (Sat) will be held!
2022/01/17 Misumi Shiochi published in "Weekly Playboy" No.5 released today!
2022/01/14 Kiyoshi Hikawa "Kiyoshi Hikawa kii's welcome rice" was nominated for the grand prize at the "3rd JAPAN PODCAST AWARDS"!
2022/01/14 Aika "ViVi" March issue cover information lifted!
2022/01/13 Tamao Nakamura Event information updated!
2022/01/13 Misaki Iwasa An interview article will be published in the evening edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun on January 1th (Friday)!
2022/01/12 Hayabusa TV / WEB information update!
2022/01/12 Aika will appear on "Mynavi Tokyo Girls Collection 3 S / S" held on 21/22 (Mon./holiday)!
2022/01/12 Tsuru Yuma's first stage appearance decision! 3/19 (Sat) -20 (Sun) "Lullaby for Dad-Piece of Happiness-"
2022/01/12 Yuto Tatsumi and "Setsuguka" Oricon General Daily Chart No. 1 Weekly Chart No. 3 Commemoration! !!Yorodou of sound live delivery mini live 1/18 (Tuesday) will be held !!
2022/01/08 Yuto Tatsumi will appear on "Tokai Radio Daikayo Festival 5" held on 25/2022!
2022/01/07 Kaori Mizumori 2022 new song "Kujukuri Beach" (Type A / B) release commemoration Limited Internet autograph session will be held!
2022/01/07 Watanabe Keihi 1/21 (Friday) -Stage "Harukoto SHOW !!" Appearance!
2022/01/07 Yuto Tatsumi will appear in "Enka Boy's Dream Concert" to be held on 2/13 (Sun)!
2022/01/07 Misaki Iwasa 6/17 (Friday) -6/28 (Tuesday) Shin Kabukiza "Tomio Umezawa Theater Company Tomio Umezawa / Ken Naoko Special Performance" to appear!
2022/01/07 Misaki Iwasa 7/9 (Sat) -7/17 (Sun) Misonoza "Tomio Umezawa Theater Company Tomio Umezawa / Ken Naoko Special Performance" to appear!
2022/01/05 Yuto Tatsumi and the true value!Authentic Enka 5th single "Yukigetsu Hana" A / B / C type is now on sale!Music video released!

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