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2019/07/18 Folk song girls event information update!
2019/07/18 Hayabusa event information update!
2019/07/18 "Nishi Yorogi Fureai Nationwide Tour" Osaka performance is decided!
2019/07/18 Misaki Iwasa Photography Event "Wasamin Greetings! Vol.
2019/07/17 Aika XNUM / 8 (Sun) "TGC x The ODAIBA XNUM" appearance decision!
2019/07/17 Hayabusa "Mon Nana!-Real Condition! Hayabusa Fever !!-" 7 / XNUM X (Mon) X NUM X: X NUM X-Delivery!
2019/07/12 Aoi Yu and second single "Otonoko Junjo" 2 type new board 8 month 21 day release decision!
2019/07/10 Misaki Iwasa Event Information Update!
2019/07/09 Yutaka Yamakawa Radio Information Update!
2019/07/09 Hikawa Kiyoshi Travel program on the CS channel galaxy "Hikawa Kiyoshi celebration debut 20 anniversary Furusato Hakata travel" is decided broadcast on 9 !!
2019/07/08 Hikawa Kiyoshi New TV CM "Happy Song Hikawa Kiyoshii" starts to air!
2019/07/08 Aika A fashion brand "REDYAZEL" 2019 Year of 7 Appeared as a model of the EC site of ...
2019/07/05 Folk song girls 3rd single "Happy Days" 7 Mon 31 day (Wed) release !!!
It is decided on the ending theme of the animation "Duel Masters !!" being broadcast from 8 as Sunday every Sunday in the TV Tokyo series! ! !
From XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sun) broadcast! ! ! To the joy! ! !
2019/07/04 Aika Fukushima Minpo News Agency "Fukushima Minpo" publication information !!
2019/07/04 Hikawa Kiyoshi XNUM X Moon X NUM X Day (Thursday) Jingu Stadium decided the opening ceremony!
2019/07/04 Aika "Fukushima Prefecture 25 House of Councilors Regular Election" It became a vote promotion image model!
2019/07/02 "Nishi Yorogi Fureai Nationwide Tour" Nagoya, Fukuoka decided to be held!
2019/07/01 Collaboration event with Cultural Broadcasting "Cultural Broadcasting x Nagara Group Joint LIVE!" 11 / 21 (Thursday) ~ 11 / 24 (Sun) Held decided!
2019/07/01 The broadcast of Hayabusa "Super Heaven Fever!" Is decided by ANA's in-flight broadcast!
2019/06/30 Folk song girls live event "fight fight decision ・ serious (maji) live!" XNUM X moon X X X X day (sun) holding!

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