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Miyabi Nakano

Miyabi Nakano

Miyabi Nakano


birthday 2006/1/23
Blood Type A type
Birth Place Gunma
Career After solo activities as a member of the folk song girls, WAWAWA and On @, it restarted as "Miyabi Nakano"!
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● YouTube Channel "Miyabi Nakano official"

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Search information

Birth Place Kanto Gumma Prefecture
birthday 1 month 23 day
Blood Type A type 
Favorite things
[fashion] Clothes, hair
[musics] Bocaro, Japanese musical instrument band
[program] variety
[movies] Anime
[place] Home, pet shop
[Food and drink] milk
[color] Black, white, neon color
[Others] Usagi, wooper looper
Hobbies & Skills
[Sports] Bouldering
[Entertainment] karaoke
[life] Care of rabbits and medaka
[Education] イ ラ ス ト

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