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Alice Inami

Iha Alice

Alice Inami


Affiliation Nagara Management
birthday 2012/8/29
Blood Type O
Birth Place Okinawa
Hobbies Collecting fashionable clothes, listening to music, drawing, HIPHOP dancing (8 years of dancing experience)
Career ◆Career
Stage “The Final Second ~Eternal Second 2020~”

au Okinawa Sellner TVCM SDGs movie appearance

San-A Co., Ltd. school bag image model 

◆ Award
Shinchosha Nico ☆ Petit "Petit ☆ Kore Girls Collection 2022" First Runway

Target artists: Namie Amuro, Awich
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Search information

Type actress, child actor, model
Birth Place Kyushu/Okinawa Okinawa Prefecture
birthday August 8/8
Blood Type O 
Height / size 134 cm
Favorite things

Concerts / campaign / Other

Schedule Venue
Region Curtain time Contact
~ 10 / 14

Alice Inami will be narrating and appearing briefly in the stage play “The Final Second ~Eternal Second 2020~”♪
Everyone in Okinawa Prefecture, please stop by!

☆Performance information☆
〇Stage Inherit Okinawa “The Final Second ~Eternal Second 2020~”
27th Ikebukuro Theater Festival Excellence Award Winner
Written and directed by Takanori Hatakeyama

Spring of 1945 (Showa 20).Navy captains Hideki Omiya, Yoshiki Ishii, and Jiro Hosono board the three-seater land bomber ``Ginga'' and head for the U.S. warship, leaving their injured comrade Chiji Haraguchi alone. Jumped from Miyazaki base.
The special attack plane ``Ginga'' carrying the three of them takes off while continuing to send out a flashing signal saying ``Goodbye, goodbye!''.
Haraguchi looked up at the opportunity and shouted, "Come back!"
The three of them ended their extremely short lives of 21 years...it was supposed to be!
The three men landed in Japan in 75, 2020 years later.Mistaking it for the afterlife, he accidentally meets Chizu Haraguchi's grandchildren.
Witnessing how Haraguchi survived, the family he built, and the lives he saved.
And, at the moment when Haraguchi completes his life, the three of them also return to their world and complete their lives.
“An eternal second” that overlaps across time and space

〇Performance date and time:
October 10th (Friday) Part 13 Doors open 18:30 Performance starts 19:00
October 10th (Sat) Part 14 Doors open 12:30, Performance starts 13:00 / Part 17 Doors open 00:17, Performance starts 30:XNUMX
*Total of 3 performances *Reception starts 30 minutes before doors open.

〇Venue: Okinawa Municipal Small Theater Ashibinaa (formerly Corinza 3F)
Address: 2-28-1 Chuo, Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture

〇Ticket price:
[Advance ticket] 3500 yen for general, 2500 yen for elementary, junior high and high school students
*Additional 500 yen for same-day tickets
*All seats are free *Preschoolers are not allowed to enter.

〇Contact information for performances and tickets
・Inherit Okinawa

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