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Tamao Nakamura

Tamao Nakamura

Tamao Nakamura


Affiliation Nagara Production
birthday 7/12
Blood type O
Birthplace Kyoto
Career 1953 Shochiku motion picture Keiko and Yukie (debut)
The following year, the exclusive contract with 1954 years Daiei.
1965 Moved from Daiei to this agency
Since 2001 Special Tourism Ambassador of Kyoto City
Since 2011 Visit Kyoto Honorary Ambassador Award History


Search information

Kind actress
Birthplace Kinki Kyoto Prefecture
birthday 7 month 12 day
Blood type O type


Release date title
2006/06/21 Osaka Paradise
2003/10/01 Lovely: TAMAO & KIYOSHI
2000/09/06 Asu wa iikoto arimasuyo
1992/04/22 Onna zaka
Release date title
2008/05/23 Sanjuro Tsubaki
2007/07/06 Inugamike no Ichizoku
- The River with No Bridge
Release date title
2007 / 3 Heisei woman University of Tamao Nakamura
2003 / 8 Watashi wa akiramenai Nakamura Tamao
2000 / 4 Tamao no "Kimono" no yorokobi
1992 / 11 Jiden・Aho na Onna ~Ikiteru kagiri,Ikite iku~

Concerts / campaign / Other

Schedule Venue
Region Curtain time Contact
~ 06 / 28
NEWNew Kabukiza opening 60 anniversary special plan
Takeshi Matsudaira Miyuki Kawanaka Special Performance
Tamao Nakamura special appearance

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Special seat 15,000 yen

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Reception hours: AM 10 to PM 6

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