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Thank you for always supporting our artists and talents.

Currently, due to the outbreak and spread of the new coronavirus, planned events and concerts have been canceled one after another.

We are very sorry for the customers who are planning to participate, but we will update the schedule page of each artist at any time for future events, so please check it.

・ Tsumi Tagawa

・ Kaori Mizumori

・ Kiyoshi Hikawa

・ Nishiyori Higashi

·Misaki Iwasa


・ Yuto Tatsumi

In addition, we would like to ask everyone who participates in the event that will be held as scheduled to cooperate with infectious disease control as follows.

● An antiseptic will be installed in the venue, so please use it.

● In consideration of the health and safety of customers, artists and event staff, staff will also wear masks.

~ Countermeasures against infectious diseases ~

◎ To prevent droplet infection and contact infection, please use "frequent gargle and hand washing".

When hand-washing, after washing with soap, rinse thoroughly with water and wipe off with a clean towel or paper towel.

◎ Please wear a mask.

◎ If you have symptoms such as coughing, use a mask or handkerchief to cover your mouth and nose. If you are likely to cough or sneeze, try to stay as far away as possible from the people around you.

◎ Please take care of "normal health care" such as keeping a good sleep and a well-balanced meal.

◎ In order to prevent the throat mucosa from deteriorating its protective function, please keep "moderate humidity" from the usual day.

◎ If you do not feel well on the day, please do not overdo it.

Please refer to the following items as a guide for judgment.

* If you have a cold-like symptom or fever of 37.5 degrees or more for more than 4 days

* Patients with strong drowsiness (malaise) and breathlessness (dyspnea)

* If you are an elderly person or have a basic medical condition, if the above condition continues for about 2 days If you feel unusual at the venue, please speak to a nearby staff member.

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