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2020/08/14 Aika RUNWAY channel merry jenny Appears in the WEB catalog!
2020/08/11 We are publishing as model of love flower fashion brand "SPIRAL GIRL" "AUTUMN/WINTER COLLECTION"!
2020/08/07 Appeared as a furisode model in "Ichizo Classic" by Aika Co., Ltd.!
2020/07/27 Aika YouTube "ViVi channel" video release of "35 questions about love"!
2020/07/20 Aika 31 Sons de mode “2020 Autumn/Winter Collection Part 2” catalog page is now open!
2020/07/10 Aika 31 Sons de mode “2020 Autumn/Winter CATALOG Part 1” catalog page is now open!
2020/07/06 Aika 9/5 (Sat) "My Navi presents 31st Tokyo Girls Collection 2020 AUTUMN/WINTER" will appear!
2020/06/25 Interview on Aika ViVi official digital magazine!
2020/06/25 Aika Apparel Now on sale as a model on the EC site "fifth"!
2020/06/02 Appearance of "2020 SUMMER COLLECTION NEW ARRIVAL" of Aika fashion brand "REDYAZEL"!
2020/06/02 Appearance of "Latest Instagram Live Introducing Items" of Aika fashion brand "COCO DEAL"!
2020/06/02 Aika Commercial facility "LUMINE EST Shinjuku" 2020 early summer promotion "Hello my Summer" Show window visual development!
2020/06/01 Featured as a 2020 SPRING / SUMMER correction model of Aika's fashion brand "GRL"!
2020/06/01 Aika Mynavi Advancement editorial department WEB "Mikata News of Career" posted!
2020/05/12 "Hello my Summer" promotion for early summer 2020 of Aika commercial facility "LUMINE EST"!
2019/07/24 Performed in the music video "Self-Restraint" by Aika Akane (Menjin)!
2019/07/08 Aika A fashion brand "REDYAZEL" 2019 Year of 7 Appeared as a model of the EC site of ...
2019/07/04 Aika Fukushima Minpo News Agency "Fukushima Minpo" publication information !!
2019/01/01 Aika "Fukushima People's Republic" 2019 Year 1 Moon published on 1 day (Tuesday) issue number!
2018/11/20 Ai flower appearance in ViVi × Visee special movie!

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