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2020/08/14 Yu Tatsumi and WEB information update!
2020/08/11 Yu Tatsumi and "Two sets of youth enka Hayabusa and Yu Tatsumi Concert 2-singing the heart of Japan!" 2020/10 (Sun) Okegawa performance postponement
2020/08/03 Yuto Tatsumi August 8th (Thursday) The first paying live of the unspectated audience "Yuto Tatsumi Streaming Live ~You to~" will be held!
2020/08/01 Yuto Tatsumi, Misaki Iwasa, Hayabusa "3 Song Friends 37" Concert 10/12 (Monday) will be held!
2020/07/21 Yuto Tatsumi “Saturday, November 11” “Tatsumi Yuto Fureai Concert” will be held! Tickets are now on sale!
2020/07/03 Yu Tatsumi and the transfer performance date for the Ninohe Park Hotel Dinner Show will be set on September 5 (Wednesday), May 25 (Monday)!!
2020/06/26 Yutatsu Tatsumi Recipes are posted on "Utato rice" on the music information website "Utato"!
2020/06/16 Yu Tatsumi and "Utabito" HP selected songs with the theme "10 songs that I want to listen to when I feel excited about a new beginning"!!
2020/06/10 Yu Tatsumi and "Hotel Plaza Katsukawa Yu Tatsumi and Kayo Show 2020" Announcement of postponement of performance on 7/5 (Sun.)
2020/05/28 Yu Tatsumi and “Two sets of youth enka Hayabusa and Yu Tatsumi Concert 2-Singing the heart of Japan!” June 2020 (Sun) Okegawa performance postponement
2020/05/18 Yu Tatsumi and "Tatsumi Yu and Spring Dinner Show" transfer performance decision
2020/04/15 Yutaka Tatsumi and NTV NEWS24 (WEB) interview video 2nd release!
2020/03/18 Tatsumi Yuto's 3rd single "Sentimental Heart / Otoshi no Shigure" will be released on March 2020, 3!
2020/03/06 Sakai Yuto Concert information updated!
2020/02/20 Tatsumi Yuto [Notice] Coronavirus measures, hygiene management notice and request
2020/02/14 Tatsumi Yuto Official Site Open !!
2019/12/25 Yuu Tatsumi "Yuto Tatsumi First Album-I sang so much power! -"Now On Sale!!
2019/10/17 Tatsumi Yu and TV information update!
2019/09/24 Satoshi Yuto Regular appearance on “C-42 Genki Hatsukyokukyoku Naniwa Humanity Theater” airing on USEN (cable) music broadcast!
2019/08/21 と ゆ う と 8 月 21 日 Released Second single "Otoko no Junjou" 2 type new board now on sale! !
2019/03/12 Yu Yu Tatsumi The second single "Otoko no Junjo" released on 3 and 27! Cover photo released!
2018/05/02 Tatsumi Yu and mail magazine delivery decision!
2018/01/12 Tatsumi Yu and his debut single "Shimomachi Junjo" 2018 Year 1 Month 17 day (Wednesday) released !!
1 Mon 13 day (Sat) 12: 00 ~ Nakano Meidou-do launched a release commemoration event !! I will sing "Shimomachi Junjo" for the first time!

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2020 / 3 / 18 sale
3rd single "Sentimental Heart"
(Short Ver.) MV !!

2020 / 3 / 18 sale
3rd single "Oshi no Shigure"
(Short Ver.) MV !!