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2020/10/22 Hayabusa "Net Cheki Autograph Session vol.5" will be held on November 11th (Thursday)!
2020/10/08 Hayabusa Christmas Dinner Show will be held on Thursday, December 12th!
2020/09/18 Hayabusa Ginza Yamano Musical Instruments "Original Enka Festival" will appear on the online event!
2020/09/18 Hayabusa will appear in the video distribution concert of "Young Stars ☆ Gathering Big Hit! Playback Kayo Festival" held on 11/15 (Sun)!
2020/09/08 Hayabusa “Hayabusa & Yu Tatsumi Christmas Dinner Show” will be held on 12/22 (Tue.)!
2020/08/11 Hayabusa "Two sets of youth enka Hayabusa/Tatsumi Yuto Concert 2-Singing the Heart of Japan!" 2020/10 (Sun) Okegawa Performance Postponement
2020/08/05 Hayabusa's new single "Kinkira KING!" will be released today on Wednesday, August 8! Now On Sale!
2020/05/25 Hayabusa's 13th single "Kinkira KING! ] 8/5 (Wed.) release decision!
2020/03/14 Hayabusa Opening theme song for TV Tokyo anime series "Duel Masters King"!
2020/02/25 Hayabusa [Information] Coronavirus measures, hygiene management notice and request
2019/12/18 Hayabusa 12th single `` Drunk up to the morning '' is now on sale !!
2019/09/04 New generation Kayo group Hayabusa, the long-awaited 11th single “Super Tian Fever! "Now On Sale!
2019/04/05 Hayabusa TV Tokyo-based popular anime "Duel Masters !!" New series opening theme song "Super Heaven Fever! ] (TV size) Preceding delivery is decided!
2018/07/25 Hayabusa 2018 year 8 month 29 day (Wednesday) New song "Joe ☆ Deck !!!" released !! Coupling song and W purchase benefit has been decided!
2018/07/04 Hayabusa "Joe ☆ Deck !!!" Full version · Single delivery from today!
2018/03/15 Hayabusa 2018 / 4 / 8 (Sun) Hikaru birthday event held decision!
2018/02/09 Hayabusa Update YouTube! Members introduce Hayabusa's goods sold at "Nagara Group Enka Festival 2018"!
2017/08/18 Hayabusa ☆ New goods information ☆ 8 / 19 (Saturday) Zepp Nagoya Hayabusa solo concert "It's Hayabusa summer festival !! Sold at 2017"!
2017/08/03 Notice of decision to hold fan meeting with Hayabusa staff !!

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2020 / 8 / 5 sale
13th single "Kinkira KING!"
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