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Toshimi Tagawa

Toshimi Tagawa

Toshimi Tagawa

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2022/05/25 Toshimi Tagawa TV information update!
2022/05/16 Toshimi Tagawa 8/7 (Sun) "NHK Nodo Jiman" appearance decision! & Now accepting viewing applications!
2022/05/13 Toshimi Tagawa Released on 7/6 (Wed.) New song "Shiraaki" [Limited time offer] Over-the-counter reservation campaign!
2022/05/11 Toshimi Tagawa's new song "Hakushu" will be released on July 2022, 7 (Wednesday)!
2022/04/27 Toshimi Tagawa 9/21 (Wednesday) "87th Columbia Monthly Kayo Live 2022 ~ Columbia Flower Stage ~" will appear!
2022/04/01 Toshimi Tagawa "Toshimi Tagawa Dinner Show" will be held on 7/2 (Sat.)!
2022/01/18 Toshimi Tagawa "Oh, na flower stage" 1/20 (Thursday) Kimitsu, 1/28 (Friday) Shiki has been postponed
2021/12/22 Toshimi Tagawa Single All Songs Subscription Ban Commemorative My Hits Bonus Campaign Held!
2021/11/17 Toshimi Tagawa's new album "Toshimi Tagawa Complete Song Collection 2022" is now on sale!
2021/10/27 Toshimi Tagawa 30th Anniversary Project MV Collection 2nd "Toshimi Tagawa Video Special Collection 2" is now on sale!
2021/10/12 Toshimi Tagawa All single songs subscribed and distributed 10/27 (Wednesday) lifted!
2021/09/29 Toshimi Tagawa Thanks to you for the 30th anniversary of our debut! !!The new song "Amegari" is now on sale!
2021/09/15 Toshimi Tagawa 30th Anniversary Song "Amegari" (Released on 9/29) Song Audition Start & Nippon Columbia Special Site Opened!
2021/08/01 Toshimi Tagawa "Toshimi Tagawa Fan Club" restarted!
2021/04/01 Toshimi Tagawa 4/1 (Thursday) 9 o'clock on Nagara TV to commemorate the 30th anniversary of his debut, a new project to play guitar and start!
2017/03/27 Sumi Tagawa 4 first solo regular radio program "Sumi Tagawa Forrest Gump" than the moon start determination! !

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